Questions & Answers About How COVID-19 Impacts the Big Buck Club

COVID-19 Updates


During these unusual times, the volunteers at the NBBC and NOF are doing their best to continue providing our services to the community. However, as you might imagine, state and federal government restrictions have impacted some of our activities and our plans for the remainder of the year. Here is our latest update, and please check back for additional updates.


Thanks for your patience, and stay safe everyone!

Deer Scoring

We have continued to score deer. However please understand that all of our scorers are volunteers, and any person-to-person contact for scoring is strictly up to the scorers discretion. If you and a scorer do decide to get a deer scored, please be sure to observe all the applicable state and federal guidelines during your personal interactions, and use all reasonable efforts to prevent the spread of COVID-19.




Many larger events scheduled for May/June have already been either postponed or cancelled, because of social distancing requirements. However, all states have different restrictions, so some events, particularly the smaller gatherings, are continuing as planned. PLEASE contact the event coordinator prior to the date to determine if the event is continuing as planned. It is our intention to plan to hold any events that fall within the existing state and federal regulations, but of course things do change rapidly.


Modified 2020 Awards Banquet Date


We have decided to move our 2020 Awards Banquet date from July 18th to September 19th, in hopes that any restrictions regarding state-to-state travel or event crowd sizes will have been lifted by then. For anyone who has already purchased a ticket, that ticket is good for the new date. We will be working on contacting those who already purchased tickets.  If a ticket holder cannot attend on the revised date, we will refund the ticket fee. It is our intention to hold our full banquet exactly as we have in the past. However we are also making some additional modified plans in case there are still some social distancing restrictions that limit the size of the event, or limit travel to/from any specific states.