Questions & Answers About How COVID-19 Impacts the Big Buck Club

2021 Northeast Big Bucks Magazine TENTATIVE Publishing Schedule

Thanks to the hard work of our volunteers and the generous donations from our members and partners, we weathered a very difficult financial situation this year caused by the CoVID19 pandemic. The majority of our fundraising events and shows for 2020 were cancelled, but our online auctions and raffles helped us to make up some of that ground, and we were able to publish issues of our magazine for our members. Thanks again!
As we enter the uncertainty of 2021, we are optimistic that things will improve during the year, and that the worst is behind us. However, we already have seen that most of our big Winter 2021 shows and events have been cancelled. With that in mind, we have a cautious publishing scheduled for our magazine, and we reserve the right to adjust this (more or fewer issues) depending upon our financial situation. So here is the plan for 2021 publishing of Northeast Big Bucks Magazine:
Planned Issues:
Winter/Spring 2021 – print and deliver in February to all active members and subscribers
Summer 2021 – print and deliver in May to all active members and subscribers
Fall 2021 – print and deliver in October to all active members and subscribers
Possible Additional Issue:
If 2021 Awards Banquet can be held in July with no significant crowd size restrictions –
Awards/Records 2021 – print and deliver in August to all active members and subscribers


2021 NBBC Record Book TENTATIVE Publishing Schedule

Similar to the challenge for committing to a magazine publishing schedule, we are tentatively planning to produce our 9th Record Book (Northeast Trophy Whitetails IX) in 2021. However this is completely dependent upon our ability to successfully fund the initial cost of the getting the book printed. Stay tuned for more information to come soon about our plans.
Thanks again for all of your support and help. We are very hopeful that we will see you at upcoming events in 2021 again!


Deer Scoring

We have continued to score deer. However please understand that all of our scorers are volunteers, and any person-to-person contact for scoring is strictly up to the scorers discretion. If you and a scorer do decide to get a deer scored, please be sure to observe all the applicable state and federal guidelines during your personal interactions, and use all reasonable efforts to prevent the spread of COVID-19.