Dear Valued NBBC Member and Award Winners


It is with a heavy heart that I must announce that due to the restrictions that the Massachusetts Governor has placed on large gatherings indoor or outdoor due to the COVID-19 Pandemic, we will not be able to hold our NBBC Annual Award Banquet which was scheduled for September 19, 2020.

This banquet is the heart and soul of our fundraising efforts and allow us to publish our magazine, produce our record book every 3 to 4 years and allow us the pay our monthly bills. This banquet generates approx. 70% of our annual revenue.

Due to the unprecedented times we are in, our club, which has been going since 1996, is in jeopardy of going under.  We are all volunteer nonprofit, so without our banquet, scoring fees and generous donations of our members, we would not be able to pay the monthly expenses associated with produce the magazine and the daily operations of the club.

The Board of Directors have been working hard to come up with alternative ways of raising the funds necessary to keep us afloat until next year’s (2021) awards banquet.

With all of your help and generosity, we know we can generate enough revenue to keep the club going, but only with the help of our members, measurers and officers.

For those of you who have already purchased a ticket to attend this year’s banquet we are offering the following options.

  • The ticket(s) you purchased this year will be good for next year’s banquet. You can attend for no additional cost.  Any award plaque or entrance plaque (non-award plaque for entering a deer this past year) that you would have received for your deer will be awarded next year at the banquet in a formal presentation. You will have your picture put up on the big screen, with your stats, and the folks in attendance will hear about your buck.
  • Receive your plaque my mail. As a thank you for ordering tickets early, you will receive a FREE $100 raffle ticket package towards this year’s raffle/auction fundraiser to be held later in 2020 (see below). The $100 free raffle ticket package is good for every 2 tickets purchased. If you bought 4 tickets, you will get (2) $100 raffle ticket packages, 6 tickets will get you (3) $100 ticket packages, and so on.

You may purchase additional raffle tickets if you would like for the following prices

$10 – 1 raffle ticket

$25 – 5 raffle tickets

$50 – 15 raffle tickets

$100 – 50 raffle tickets

More information regarding to the date of the raffle, prizes, etc. will be released soon. In addition to the raffle, we will be holding an online auction with weapons, hunts and other outdoor related items being offered.

Again, I am truly sorry we cannot hold our annual Awards Banquet in 2020, but with your continued support and understanding we can keep the NBBC, which has been a large voice in the northeast hunting community by preserving, promoting and protecting our hunting traditions, alive and healthy well into the future.

If you have any questions or concerns please e mail me at [email protected] or call me at 413-519-2630

Joseph Chapdelaine

NBBC Award Manager